Christopher Gallo Diamonds

From a very early age, Tom Gallo began working in the Jewelry industry in his home country of Turkey. Born and raised in a small village, he decided he wanted to join the family business. He relocated to Istanbul and started working at the famous Grand Bazaar along side his brothers. Many years past, and he decided he wanted to relocate once more to the United States for better opportunities. When Tom moved to the United States, he opened his jewelry store in 1985 and named it after his oldest son, Christopher. From the moment he opened his family owned jewelry store, he has been known among his customers as a jovial and caring man that always does his best to make his clients happy and educate them on what they are purchasing. Christopher Gallo Diamonds is, and will always be a family owned business, where Tom is working along side daughter Mary and son Christopher where their vision for the business going forward, is to take it to the next level being the next generation, while still using the same principals they were taught from their father.