Loose Diamonds


Loose Diamonds

Exquisite cuts. Variety of shapes. Quality elements. The list goes on and on.  At the Exchange, the selection of loose diamonds will not disappoint. Choose from among various price points, and pair your selection with a great setting for a one-of-a-kind gift.

A loose diamond is the end product that started with a rough diamond that came out from the mine. A loose diamond is a diamond that is ready for sale and ready to be mounted on a ring, a pendant, earring or any piece of jewelry. There is also customers who like to hold loose diamonds in a safe for investment purposes. you can inspect the 4 C’s of the diamond from all different aspects such as weight, dimensions, depth, color, and clarity. All major appraisal companies will never certify a diamond if its mounted but only when it is loose. When the diamond is loose it is very easy to check the anatomy of the diamond. For more information please submit a inquiry. 

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