Fashion Jewelry – How To Care Jewelry For Ages

Hey! Do you like precious jewelry? Do you love to wear unique jewelry on different occasions? Jewellery care can be a daunting task, but yes, you can make it more natural by following some ultimate jewelry care tips.  Do you want to keep your jewelry classy for a long time? If yes, then read the post and get to know about How to care about jewellery for ages.


Begin With the Storage

The way of storing jewelry can affect the age of jewelry; it is true that at some point, the necklaces can tangle, stones cam crack, and metals can break into small lines, but you can avoid such type of situations. Well, it is said that, always store jewelry away from sunlight and in an area with regulated temperature. Apart from that, there are different ways to save different jewelry type.


According to the jewelry study and research, it is found that fashion jewelry can crack fast as compared to precious and handmade jewelry. So, if you want to wear fashion jewelry for ages, then you need to take care of your jewelry along with some effective tips.


How to Store Your Fashion Jewelry?

Well, the first step is essential for any process, whether it is a matter of cleaning jewelry or storing jewelry. So, if you will save your fashion and precious jewelry in an ideal way, then it will incrase the age of longevity of your jewelry and help to reduce the cleaning time. So, take a look at the fantastic tips that will help you to keep your jewelry brand new for a long time.


At first, wipe your fashion jewelry by using a soft microfiber cloth after use. This step will help to remove all the dirt, small particles, and the effect of air pollution from the jewelry pieces.


After wiping the dirt from the jewelry, store it in a safe place like ziplock bags. You can designate one jewelry piece per pack so that it will be safe and new for ages. With this, you can also use jewelry boxes that contain a closing lid and plastic pouches. It will protect your unique jewelry pieces from scratching and cracking.


Always avoid usage of perfumes and lotions after wearing jewelry because it can lead to tarnishing. Wear your precious jewelry on a dry body because water is corrosive. This is one of the best ways to reduce the jewelry cleaning or maintenance time.


Additional ultimate tip- Guys! Here you will find the ultimate tips that not only will help to keep your jewelry for long but also incraese the shine of your beautiful jewelry accessories. Apply a coat of transparent nail polish on jewelry pieces like rings, earrings, and bracelets. It enhances the shine and longevity of jewelry. It works effectively; the coating of nail paint protects the jewelry surface from the small pollutants and corrosion agents. That’s why it is considered one of the effective and ultimate jewelry cleaning tips.


Check the Types of Jewelry

It is always essential to identify the jewelry type before cleaning and maintenance process. First, identify the material like metal type, jewelry stone type, etc. and select the cleaning method as per jewelry type. You can also take help from Woodbridge Jewelry Exchange. Woodbridge Jewelry Exchange is one of the leading and reliable jewelry repair stores in the United States.


All you need to do is separate the similar jewelry pieces from the different jewelry type pieces. Polish the jewelry carefully and if your jewelry parts are tarnished, then get the best jewerly repair service from the distinguished store.


Sometimes the stone jewelry gets stucked with other pieces. So, always store stone jewelry apart from fashion jewelry. While cleaning the stone jewelry, make sure the liquid you are using is of less amount because excessive use of liquid can loosen the stone. Remember, use of water could break the backside of some precious stones like enamel and Kundan. 


Choose the Right Tools

We all know that tools play a vital role in the cleaning process. For better cleaning, it is crucial to pick the right tools that are soft.


The ideal way of cleaning jewelry is using a soft brush. This will also help to clean the intricate areas where dirt usually accumulated. Using a hard brush for cleaning is a red alert. Hard cleaning tools can lead to scratches and cracks.


Besides this, you can also use a soft sponge; it will be beneficial for flat jewelry surfaces and correctly clean the jewelry.


If you love your jewelry, then you need to opt for an ideal way to choose the best cleaning agent. If you want to protect your jewelry from any scratch and crack, then test a small backside portion of your jewelry like earring or necklace to check the effect of cleaning agent whether it is working or not.

If it works for more than 24 hours and the plating looks good, then you can test the entire jewelry piece by your selected cleaning agent. In today’s offline or online market, you can find various commercial cleaning agents, but make sure the cleaning agent you are going to buy is free of Ammonia or alcohol. The presence of Ammonia or alcohol can tarnish the jewelry in the wrong way and make it dull.


It’s good news that there are some home-based natural mild cleaners like Lemon Juice, Mild baby shampoo, vinegar with water, etc.


Lemon Juice is one of the best cleaning agents for jewelry, especially silver.

Use vinegar-water solution; soak the piece of jewelry in the mixed vinegar-water solution for some time and clean the jewelry with a soft brush. It can also help to remove the flakes from the scratches or breakouts.


Apart from that, you can also use toothpaste and contact lens solution. Remember not to use toothpaste on enamel jewelry. For using contact lens solution, there is a need to read the instructions and cautions because if the solution is left on the jewelry piece, then it could lead to tarnishing and cracking.

Follow effective jewelry care tips and make it unique!!!