5 Most Common Jewelry Repairs and How They are repaired

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What is jewelry repair?

Majorly jewelry repair process means that during wearing of the jewelry, some repair like resizing, fitting, length requirements, some amendments like fixing of stones or diamonds, all these could be required by an individual.


So, the people who need any jewelry repair usually search for jewelry repair store; these stores are responsible for engraving such tasks beautifully and neatly. Let us explore further to find out the Five Most Common Jewelry Repairs And How They Are Repaired.


Most common jewelry repairs

Generally, at all jewelry shops, cleaning, polishing, restoration, and many other services are available along with the jewelry selling. Many jewelers provide such facilities to keep strong between the buyers and them. Many at times, they even not charge as relationship building for some very nominal repairs.


Some repair is expensive, and customers do get billed for the same, which is quite okay to go ahead and get the jewelry in wearable mode. The jewelry is a precious item, and it should not be left behind because it needs some repair.

The jewelry which can be repaired at the center are-

  • Resizing
  • Repair
  • Reset
  • Polishing
  • Engraving


Resizing is a technique that makes the jewelry piece like rings; necklaces can be best fitted with the wearer size. If going for rings resizing, one has to take care of the hard way of the rings.


Sometimes it is advisable to take out the rings often to have a proper shape or doing some heavy tasks. Even necklaces and bracelets can also be fitted to the size at the location within no time.


People can enjoy tea or coffee while getting the resizing done. After resizing, the jewelry becomes easily wearable and useful again.


Repair – the jewelry which is regularly worn like rings, chains, bracelets, or earrings, could lead to certain damages like stones fallen, breaking from the middle or at some joint. So fixing up of rocks in studs, necklaces, bracelets, and rings is fixed up by the person at the location quickly and only takes a specific time.


Sometimes the repair requires more time like it has to be in the store for a day or two, as per the requirement. As soon as the repair gets done, the jewelry again becomes the most unique and beautiful piece to wear. There could sometimes be changed in the look also, be felt after the repair.


Reset – many at times during every day wearing the stones of rings tend to get loose from the borders, and then it may require the fixing again properly else they would fall somewhere and get misplaced. Sometimes, if you are lucky, if you find or get your lost stone, understand that it is the time to fix the stone.


Though people don’t do this purposely, sometimes the time doesn’t allow them, or the store’s location could be offset. But it is mandatory and advisable to mend them. Stones are very precious and also many times are worn as per the astrology also. So, getting them fixed is required whenever they are loose or separated.


Polishing – this process is a little time consuming and requires the person to leave the jewelry for a couple of days. In this, the jewelry piece gets faded away from its shine due to many reasons. The daily wearing, keeping patterns of jewelry, exposure to some direct chemical, sprays of heavy perfumes directly are the few reasons that make the jewelry piece’s shine faded.


Then it is challenging to wear faded jewelry as it doesn’t appeal and go with. The jewelers get this issue resolved by applying the new polish to the jewelry piece and make it look unique and worth wearing. This process enhances the look yet gives it more strength and life.


The process is a little costlier, and jewelers may charge as per the rates of present day’s gold, silver, or platinum rates of the market.


Engrave – today, the customization of anything is very much in trend. People look around for the artist to perform a unique and different type of customization for them. Unique jewelry is required at every point, whether it could be gifting for someone or personal use.


There is this latest fashion, as one can get some personal messages too engraved to gift. These are very own gifts and give a feeling of attachment and relativity to the gift receiver.


Sometimes as with the flow of fashion, one can engrave the particular messages also on the jewelry pieces, like for baby showers, retirement parties, or newly wedded couples; a beautiful message engraved is a great choice.


In this article, we have stated our views and the requirements of jewelry repair generally so that one can find it easily.