Color Stones


Color Stones

From the rarest stone to the most ordinary, the Exchange carries a magnificent selection of color gemstones that appeal to all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for a color to match a birthday month, or a hue that shows off the wearer’s individuality, be certain that the Exchange carries your perfect match.

Much the same as you would expect from any other major industry, the price of gemstones is largely influenced by supply and demand. One of the most important things for people when considering gemstones is the value and price for them but like in many industries, the laws of supply and demand are very much in place. This means that rare gems will carry a higher price tag.

It is often difficult to place a true value on any particular gemstone because there is no uniform classification or measurement system in place. This is where gemstones differ from diamonds, which have been subject to a uniform measurement system since the 1950s. Traditionally, gemstones have been examined and evaluated by eye. When examining a gemstone, the four most important factors can be summed up in the four C’s, which are; color, clarity, cut and carat. For more information please contact our specialists 

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